What is Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese technique used to reduce stress, give oneself a feeling of balance, and helps to cure physical ailments.

Mikao Usui discovered the use of Reiki in 1922, however, it has been around for thousands of years.  Usui elaborated on the hand positions and symbols to coordinate with the aura, chakras, and parts of the body. The word Reiki comes from the Japanese kanji. Kanji are ideograms used in the written language of Japan. Rei means spiritual wisdom. Rei allows the healer to be the catalyst between heaven and earth. Ki is life energy. If your life energy is low, it hinders the flow, and you will be more vulnerable to illness.  Reiki is guided by spiritual consciousness and can never do any harm.  It always knows what a person needs and adjusts to what is beneficial individually.  It is powerful, gentle, and works congruently with other treatments.  Although Reiki may cure physical ailments or detect problems in areas, it is not a substitute for medical or psychological care.  However, it is an accessory and works in perfect harmony for overall balanced health.

Magic Energy Healing
Heart and Hands

In a Reiki session, the healer will have pure intentions and prayers become in tune with the person she will be working on. The sacred Reiki symbols are focused on while the prayers are made.  The life source, God, or infinite wisdom will direct the healer. It is a soul massage in which the energy penetrates through one’s hands. It does not take from the person getting the healing nor does the healer use their own energy.  There is a scan through the body to find out where healing is needed, as well as hand placement positions. I use Usui/holy fire Reiki, but I also use my own techniques.  I allow the hands to free go where they need to go. A person is rarely touched physically unless I am directed to do so. This may mean that it requires more attention or it needs grounding; for example, touching the feet or ankles. You may experience various feelings such as tingling, warm sensations, or coolness. You may see colors, visions, sparks, or perhaps nothing. One person described her session with me like cool water.  Everyone’s experience will be different and every time one gets a session, it will vary.  Once you experience a session, you will want another.  We will discuss our experiences when done …It is a calming experience for both of us. I am always amazed by what I discover and so will you…It is like magic….

About Like Magic Energy Healing

Like Magic Energy Healing Reiki practice was grown by Jacqueline Koopen as a way to help people heal their bodies and minds. Like Magic Energy Healing takes great pride in practicing Reiki techniques to better people’s lives and heal their souls. Offering at your location and distance Reiki healings.

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