The Art of Being of an Empath

The Art of Being of an Empath

I was having lunch with a fellow Reiki practitioner. We started to discuss being an empath. It’s hard to describe how it feels to be an empath and why you feel the way that you do. People might call you overly sensitive or dramatic. You may have a tendency to isolate yourself from the world. We are energy and always connected.;

Empaths are just more aware of the energy and not always intentionally. They absorb other people’s energy or energy in general. It can feel like Atlas with the weight on his shoulders.
Are you aware of someone’s pain, anger, sadness, or happiness? Are you nervous in crowds, feel pain and anxiety in hospitals? Are you confused in airports? Do you have high blood pressure for no reason? Are you sensitive to scents or sound? Do you feel depleted or dislike someone for no reason? You may be an empath if you answer yes. You may be anxious, depressed, extremely tired, or anti-social. I am not ruling out chemical imbalances, however, it is important to not self-medicate. Of course, unless prescribed by your doctor.

Once you realize that you are an empath, it will make you calmer. You can learn how to acknowledge your feelings and how to handle them. Especially, because they are not always your feelings, but others that you take on.  You are not alone and being an empath is a blessing and not a hindrance.  Empaths are powerful. They understand mankind better They are aware of their surroundings and can detect good intentions versus energy vampires.

Empaths can protect themselves through alone time, dancing, laughing, and being with loved ones. Stay away from the news or limit your viewing.  Walk-in nature to recharge.  Say no and don’t always try to please people in spite of yourself.  Increase your vibration by staying positive. I do reiki protection daily and when needed. When I start to feel ill or uncomfortable, reiki is beneficial.  Reiki is a great tool for everyone, but especially for empaths.

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