Stand Tall

Stand tall

What it means to Stand Tall

I am always being told to stand tall by my energy guide.
I really didn’t know what it truly meant or the importance of it.

It is constantly a phrase from God’s words of encouragement. Standing Tall is imperative for spiritual, mental, and physical growth and success. Moses received the 10 commandments for honoring God and mankind. There is a list of self-commandments and Standing Tall is number one. Standing tall metaphorically with your back straight and head raised exemplifies self-esteem. I began to realize that most of my poor choices or adverse reactions were due to self-doubt and insecurities. Think about some of your bad situations and how lack of esteem hindered your growth process. We are given talents and gifts to share with the world. We come to this world with great intentions and then we encounter adversity, negative influence, and traumas. We hold on to them and allow it to stay in our heads. We might not get what we want. We might not be loved by who we want. We might not be the place that we want to be. We might not think we are good enough. We might have been hurt, teased, or rejected. It is time to let go, stand up, stand tall, and smile.

Standing Tall, be happy, and love yourself. We still might have setbacks, but that’s ok. It wasn’t meant for us and something better is coming your way. God is on your side. Believe in you ….

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