Privacy Policy

Like Magic Energy Healing is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of the personal information of our users. Like Magic Energy Healing privacy policy reflects these principles and also will conform to any privacy requirements in the areas, in which we do business.

We use personal information and other data collected through our website and the internet to provide you with information. We may also use your personal information to send you automated email messages or marketing materials regarding our services periodically.

Personal information will not be sold, traded, or released to any organization beyond Like Magic Energy Healing and its clients.

Like Magic Energy Healing will take reasonable precautions to store personal information in a secure environment, that cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons inside or outside of Like Magic Energy Healing.

About Like Magic Energy Healing

Like Magic Energy Healing Reiki practice was grown by Jacqueline Koopen as a way to help people heal their bodies and minds. Like Magic Energy Healing takes great pride in practicing Reiki techniques to better people’s lives and heal their souls. Offering at your location and distance Reiki healings.

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