Energy is everything and everything is energy. This may be a simple thought process, however, it is that simple. That is why we are connected and we can heal each other. It is not just a spiritual concept, but it is a scientific fact. Einstein wrote the formula for energy as the mass times the speed of light squared. He placed a value to make it more tangible Protons, neutrons, and electrons are in constant flux and always vibrating. The higher the vibration, the higher the energy. It is in plants, you, houses, cell phones, etc as well as the space between and around us. We can redirect energy from a lower vibration to higher, from negative to positive, and thought to action. For example, when energy is low, you are less productive, sluggish, and more irritable. This can make you less appealing, unhappy, and prone to illness. While when you have energy, you are happier, productive, and healthier. People are more drawn to you as well as experiences vibrate at a higher level. Thus, energy is transferred from source to source, since it connects all of us. We are energy.

About Like Magic Energy Healing

Like Magic Energy Healing Reiki practice was grown by Jacqueline Koopen as a way to help people heal their bodies and minds. Like Magic Energy Healing takes great pride in practicing Reiki techniques to better people’s lives and heal their souls. Offering at your location and distance Reiki healings.

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