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Stand Tall

Stand tall

What it means to Stand Tall

I am always being told to stand tall by my energy guide.
I really didn’t know what it truly meant or the importance of it.

It is constantly a phrase from God’s words of encouragement. Standing Tall is imperative for spiritual, mental, and physical growth and success. Moses received the 10 commandments for honoring God and mankind. There is a list of self-commandments and Standing Tall is number one. Standing tall metaphorically with your back straight and head raised exemplifies self-esteem. I began to realize that most of my poor choices or adverse reactions were due to self-doubt and insecurities. Think about some of your bad situations and how lack of esteem hindered your growth process. We are given talents and gifts to share with the world. We come to this world with great intentions and then we encounter adversity, negative influence, and traumas. We hold on to them and allow it to stay in our heads. We might not get what we want. We might not be loved by who we want. We might not be the place that we want to be. We might not think we are good enough. We might have been hurt, teased, or rejected. It is time to let go, stand up, stand tall, and smile.

Standing Tall, be happy, and love yourself. We still might have setbacks, but that’s ok. It wasn’t meant for us and something better is coming your way. God is on your side. Believe in you ….

The Art of Being of an Empath

The Art of Being of an Empath

I was having lunch with a fellow Reiki practitioner. We started to discuss being an empath. It’s hard to describe how it feels to be an empath and why you feel the way that you do. People might call you overly sensitive or dramatic. You may have a tendency to isolate yourself from the world. We are energy and always connected.;

Empaths are just more aware of the energy and not always intentionally. They absorb other people’s energy or energy in general. It can feel like Atlas with the weight on his shoulders.
Are you aware of someone’s pain, anger, sadness, or happiness? Are you nervous in crowds, feel pain and anxiety in hospitals? Are you confused in airports? Do you have high blood pressure for no reason? Are you sensitive to scents or sound? Do you feel depleted or dislike someone for no reason? You may be an empath if you answer yes. You may be anxious, depressed, extremely tired, or anti-social. I am not ruling out chemical imbalances, however, it is important to not self-medicate. Of course, unless prescribed by your doctor.

Once you realize that you are an empath, it will make you calmer. You can learn how to acknowledge your feelings and how to handle them. Especially, because they are not always your feelings, but others that you take on.  You are not alone and being an empath is a blessing and not a hindrance.  Empaths are powerful. They understand mankind better They are aware of their surroundings and can detect good intentions versus energy vampires.

Empaths can protect themselves through alone time, dancing, laughing, and being with loved ones. Stay away from the news or limit your viewing.  Walk-in nature to recharge.  Say no and don’t always try to please people in spite of yourself.  Increase your vibration by staying positive. I do reiki protection daily and when needed. When I start to feel ill or uncomfortable, reiki is beneficial.  Reiki is a great tool for everyone, but especially for empaths.

New Year!


Another year has passed. All of us looked forward to the new year with hope and anticipated change.  We couldn’t wait for 2020 to be over. We rang in the new year and woke up to another year….

However, life isn’t determined by chronological years, but by moments.  A moment no matter how insignificant it may seem adds up to direct one’s life. Moments are experienced constantly. Some we pay attention to while others are not our focus. A moment connects the momentum. It speeds, slows, hinders, and enhances. We create the moments or we learn from unexpected ones. An adverse moment can be devastating, as well as being a blessing. Of course, we don’t want to experience bad ones nor see the positive at the time, however, they can be a blessing. That moment connects to another to create one beautiful moment. Life adversity is inevitable, but so are wonderful moments.

We can say that 2020 was a terrible year, but we can also say we had fascinating moments. The moment we had to work and learn virtually. We thought that we couldn’t do it, but we did. The moment you started a health regimen and took walks. The moment you realized that you could cook, liked to read, learned a new language, and reached out to friends. The moment you realized that you are loved and love. The moment we stood together for social injustice. The moment the most voices were heard in an election and realized their vote mattered. We started to appreciate activities that we took for granted.

These moments should make you realize what a badass you are! The focus should be the moments and many moments now and in the future. Keep the positivity coming. Let the moments happen!

I wish you many happy moments, with love.


Energy is everything and everything is energy. This may be a simple thought process, however, it is that simple. That is why we are connected and we can heal each other. It is not just a spiritual concept, but it is a scientific fact. Einstein wrote the formula for energy as the mass times the speed of light squared. He placed a value to make it more tangible Protons, neutrons, and electrons are in constant flux and always vibrating. The higher the vibration, the higher the energy. It is in plants, you, houses, cell phones, etc as well as the space between and around us. We can redirect energy from a lower vibration to higher, from negative to positive, and thought to action. For example, when energy is low, you are less productive, sluggish, and more irritable. This can make you less appealing, unhappy, and prone to illness. While when you have energy, you are happier, productive, and healthier. People are more drawn to you as well as experiences vibrate at a higher level. Thus, energy is transferred from source to source, since it connects all of us. We are energy.

We are here to help

We were all thrown into a vortex of uncertainty during this pandemic. We all are dealing with adjustments in so many facets of our lives. Everyone is doing their part to stick together, have hope, and know that even though this is difficult now, it is temporary and we need to remember that. It isn’t easy and some people are suffering more than others. However, each person is dealing with some challenges whether it be financially, emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

This just solidifies that everyone needs healing and I want to help! Now more than ever, taking care of your body and mental health is incredibly important. As we have all learned through this ordeal, is that health is everything. I can help you and ease a lot of your ailments with a remote or in-person meeting. I am here for my clients, both Mentally and Physically. Please feel free to get in touch with me and I am here to help make this difficult time easier!