About Jacqueline – Holy Fire III Master Practitioner

I started to realize at a young age that I could communicate with other realms. However I tried to ignore it. When I was in my twenties, I met a man on a movie set and he showed me ways to connect with spirits. It was easy for me and I started to develop ways of communicating quickly. It was natural and became part of my everyday life. I chose not to share it with many people since I didn’t want to be misunderstood or judged. However, it is a part of who I am and I should share my gift for the greater good. Fellow psychic mediums, guides, and higher powers continued to tell me that I was a healer. I really didn’t know what that meant or how I would go about it. I started to suddenly get ill, have unexplained bruises, and insomnia. I went to many types of doctors, but there were no answers or cures. I continued to search for relief and tried herbs, plant medicine, western medicine, acupuncture etc..If it was a considered option, I have tried it. Occasionally, I would feel that there was a breakthrough, but nothing really seemed to be effective..I had a Reiki session and I liked that I felt relaxed afterward.  Without any knowledge or understanding of the technique I tried healing myself. I used my instincts and asked God, higher power, or infinite wisdom to allow me to use “his” energy to help heal me and find where my blocks are. I scanned my body and allowed my hands to freely work where it was needed to be. It really seemed to help. I decided if this can work on myself, I would try energy healing on a friend.  He was so amazed at how he felt during and afterward.  I told him where my hands focused a lot on, which was his throat and stomach. Astonishingly, he said that he had a sore throat and an upset stomach. He continued to text me three days in a row about how well and clear he felt..I understood then that was what they were referring to, and this is what I should be doing. It made me happy to help. I became Reiki certified to apply the practice. The bottom line is the energy knows.

Jacqueline Koopen
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Let me share my gift with you. Please see my Services page for more info or go directly to the Contact page to Book an Appointment and let’s get your session scheduled!

About Like Magic Energy Healing

Like Magic Energy Healing Reiki practice was grown by Jacqueline Koopen as a way to help people heal their bodies and minds. Like Magic Energy Healing takes great pride in practicing Reiki techniques to better people’s lives and heal their souls. Offering at your location and distance Reiki healings.

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